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Key Signature™ Dice

Tumbling Key Signatures™ is a fantastic teaching tool that is designed to help students gain a better understanding of the circle of fifths, the order of sharps and flats, the major and minor sharp and flat key signature reading rules, as well as the spelling of major and minor scales. Tumbling Key Signatures is easy to use in the waiting area of any private or group studio, during the private or group lesson, or even in the classroom.
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Mrs. Swen

Music has been a great joy to me for many years and hopefully many years to come. I hope to pass on this joy to each student to "Make a Happy Life."

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Summer has ended and piano lessons have begun. This year the focus is on scales, chords, and key signatures. A collegue and I are planning a Scale Olympics that will be completed in April/May of 2018. So we have all year to learn and polish them. So parents, you should be hearing a lot of scale and chord practice on a daily basis. If not, check their homework and listen to them.

Featured Student

All of my students are off and practicing well. Soon the first scale and chords will be checked off the list. Bravo!
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