Philosophy of Music and Teaching Piano 
Laura A Swenson, National Certified Teacher of Music

Music feeds the soul and calms the spirit, thus contributing to a more happy life! As a music educator and pianist, I want all of my students to experience the joy of music making through the piano. Since 1978, I have watched many students progress into well rounded individuals within the arts and in many other walks of life. I hope to instill in my students a lifelong love of music that will carry them well into adulthood. For the returning adult student, I want the student to recapture the excitement and happiness they once felt when they were young musicians. For the beginning adult student, I hope to instill that joy and excitement of learning a new language.  
Mrs. Swen, Piano Teacher
To capture this joy and excitement, work is involved. This comes in the form of practice. Practice is needed on daily basis with many repetitions of each concept that is introduced to the student. Thus a commitment is needed by the student and parents to instill this routine into your daily life. Just like learning new concepts in school, daily repetition is needed. All of my students will be expected to practice a minimum of 5 out of 7 days. The content will include finger exercises (technic), 2-3 solo pieces(repertoire), and written theory assignments. Other expectations will include performing a 1-2 recitals per year (excluding adults). I do not expected memorization at all recitals unless the student is working towards a performance at a music festival or competition. 

Summer lessons are optional. As a child, I worked so hard at the piano during the school year that I was burnt out by summertime. Therefore, I did not take summer lessons. However, I strongly encourage summer lessons for all students that are eager to continue their accomplishments as well as for those students that may need extra help. Summer lessons may also consist of something different such as playing only duets, studying only jazz and improvisation, composing new music, etc. Summer is also a great time to try out lessons to see if you like it!

Music has been a great joy to me for many years and hopefully many years to come.  I hope to pass on this joy to each student to "Make a Happy Life."

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