Piano Lessons

Ioffer private lessons, private/partner lessons, and group lessons for piano/keyboard students.

Private/partner lessons include 20 minutes of partner lesson time and 20 minutes of private lesson time, all in the same day. Private lessons provide 30 minutes of one-on-one instruction. Group lessons include 40 minutes of group instruction. Groups consist of 2-4 children of about the same age and level of musical ability.
Piano Lesson Chart
Piano Lessons Make a Happy Life

My expectations for each student are made possible through the golden triangle. All 3 parts of the triangle need to be in line for the most productive learning environment. This triangle is as follows:
The Teacher…
  • Determines the music, length of practice, and the scheduled time for each weekly lesson. 
  • Maintains good communication with the student and parents to ensure that everyone is getting the most from the lessons. 
  • Makes learning a joyful and educational experience so that all students learn all the different aspects of music. 
  • Maintains active memberships in professional organizations and continues musical growth. 
  • Establishes tuition to be paid in advance by the first lesson of each semester. 
  • Notifies parents and students of any fees for music, learning tools, music festival fees, and any other fees in a timely fashion. 
  • Updates the studio website with any pertinent information on a regular basis. 
The Student…
  • Arrives and is ready for their weekly lesson punctually, well-prepared with all the necessary materials and books. 
  • Practices at least 5 days per week on a regular basis. 
  • Practices everything assigned each week, and completes written theory assignments. 
  • Accepts and attempts all new practice strategies. 
  • Takes advantage of performance opportunities provided by the teacher. 
The Parent…
  • Supports the fulfillment of the student’s responsibilities and encourages progress.
  • Checks over the assignment sheet and listens to all music assigned on a weekly basis. 
  • Provides a well-tuned acoustic piano, or a 76-88 key digital piano, a piano lamp, and a metronome.
  • Promptly pays tuition and all costs for books , other materials, and other fees. 
  • Consistently makes it to lessons on time. 

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